Vavins Swimwear is a 100% Italian lifestyle brand, specialized in exclusive swimwear, offering high quality materials and a distinctive style; Each vavins is as unique as the sunny gal who wears it.
The quality of the fabrics is important, the microfibre, a very resistant fabric, has been designed to give the sensation of a second skin.
Vavins Swimwear main mission is focused on women’s uniqueness, enhancing their femininity, through the attention to details.


Valentina is a sunny gal and full of life. Born and raised in Milan, but her head has always lived in places where the sun reigns all year.
She took inspiration for her bikinis from Australian, Brazilian and Indonesian beaches, places where the sun, sea and positive vibes are the masters.
This desire for sun brings Valentina to chase a summer that lasts as long as possible, thus moving to Naples, a place of wonders and continuous inspiration and creativity. The positive energy she emanates is also due to his dad, Carmelo, a Sicilian tailor who has made his way into the Milan fashion market respecting the values ​​of traditional tailoring, without compromising on the quality of the fabrics used to realize the best clothes ever for his customers.
Vavins swimwear was born after a holiday in Ibiza with some girlfriends, a fundamental part of Valentina’s life. In fact, friendship and women’s solidarity will always be strong points of brand’s DNA.