Hey Vavins tribe!

As you may have noticed, I decided to refresh the brand, I wondered what my real mission was. When I created Vavins Bikini I had clear in mind what I wanted but maybe I didn’t have enough experience to make it clear to others, so, 3 years after birth, Vavins got a new shape.

The keyword is CONSCIOUSNESS, which I want to convey at 360 °

Mainly I decided to transform Vavins into a 100% eco-friendly and sustainable brand, this means that from now on, all Vavins swimwears will be composed of regenerated nylon, thanks to the recycling of plastic, fabric scraps and fishing nets. Thanks to this choice, we are helping to decrease the impact that the production of oil-derived nylon has on global warming by 90%.
Not only the bikinis, but also the tags, the packaging and everything that revolves around the brand is recycled, regenerated, recyclable, reusable, because we strongly believe in respecting our Mother Earth.

With this awareness, I also chose to sell exclusively from the website to allow you to distribute an ethically correct price without having to mark-up the price more for wholesale.
I would like to remind you that Vavins is 100% Made in Italy: the fabrics, their processing, the production, the laboratories, and all the suppliers are located exclusively in Italy, and all this is very important to me to support the local economy in my own way.

From Vavins Bikini to Vavins Swimwear

More than a swimwear brand, I have always wanted to approach the idea of ​​being a “life brand”, I like the idea that who choose a Vavins swimsuit also choose a lifestyle, a certain way of think and beeing part of a tribe with its own ideals.
So why limit yourself to bikinis, when on the beach you can show off a lot of clothes, accessories etc. and therefore I am open to collaborations or simply to produce other garments to show off on your favorite beach. Our motto always remains #showoffbabe and this is how I want to see you, a woman who is not afraid to show off her individuality and I like the idea of ​​being able to accompany you more and more in this attitude.
In fact, another news is sizes: I don’t like to classify ourselves in predefined numbers, so I chose to number the sizes by enclosing them in a basic numbering (I, II, III) and defining their meaning using cm. adding some specific suggestions for each model based on the shape of your body.

As a woman I know very well how difficult it is to accept and understand the shapes of your body and undergo the various changes over the years (whether positive or negative), but I am a huge supporter of girl power (Spice Girls supporter since ever), I love strong women and self-confident and above all, women who believe in other women, that’s why I am always open to suggestions, advice and criticism so that the Vavins tribe is as inclusive as possible.
My unconditional love for the 80s remains, as well as my desire for sun, sea and adventures that allowed me to create this project, and I am even more charged and happy to continue this conquest of the world with you, day after day, wearing a bikini and salty and tanned skin as long as possible!


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