Terms and conditions

The goods, object of the following general conditions, are sold by Valentina Merenda’s Vavins, located in Via F.Caracciolo 30, Milano, 20155; registered to Milano’s Chamber of Commerce under number MI- 2519711 of the Business Register, F.I. MRNVNT88M52F205L and V.A.T number 08229970960, referred to hereinafter as “Vavins by Valentina Merenda”, certified e-mail valentina.merenda@pec.it.

All orders and products bought by the customer are regulated by the present general selling conditions that the customer explicitly and fully accepts, without reservation.

  1. Definitions

1.1 With the expression “e-commerce contract”, we imply the contract regarding the goods and the services, stipulated between Vavins by Valentina Merenda ( the site manager) and a customer alias a consumer occupying a position inside the selling system or the remote provision of services ( so, without the simultaneous presence of the involved parts), organized by Vavins by Valentina Merenda, which for the aforementioned contract uses only one or more electronic communication techniques;

1.2 With the expression “costumer” we imply the client (VAT- taxable person) alias natural person (as established by art.3 D.lgs.206/2005, so the natural person who makes the purchase for purposes which are outside his or her trade, business or profession).

1.3 With the expression “Vavins by Valentina Merenda “( the site manager)we imply the subject mentioned above which provides services and offers goods

2. Object of the contract

2.1 With the present e-commerce contract, Vavins by Valentina Merenda sells and the customer buys chattels, alias services, that are mentioned and offered on the website vavinsbikini.com  at distance through electronic instruments.

2.2 The  aforementioned goods  are available on the website ww.vavinsbikini.com which shows the catalogue of the goods for sale. The products are shown and made visibile on the site as accurately as possible, resembling in every detail the actual characteristics of the good.  However, Vavins by Valentina Merenda is not able to guarantee the actual correspondence between the reality and the images and the colours as they appear on the customer’s monitor. In case of discrepancy between the image of a product and its written  description, the latter shall prevail.


3. The different phases of the conclusion of a contract

3.1 The contract between Vavins by Valentina Merenda and the Customer is concluded exclusively through the Internet. The Customer, once he has logged in www.vavinsbikini.com, will have to follow the procedures reported on the site itself with the purpose to formalize his acceptance for the purchasing of the services, as detailed in clause 2.

3.2 When Vavins by Valentina Merenda receives the acceptance of the order by the Customer, it will send an e-mail of confirmation or it will show a printable link of confirmation and summary of the order.3.

3.3  As soon as Vavins by Valentina Merenda has received the payment , it will proceed with the emission of the fiscal document as established in DPRn.633/1972, in case it is provided by it. If the Costumer requires the invoice, he will have to communicate so to Vavins by Valentina Merenda in the compilation phase of the order. In the compilation phase , the Costumer will have to give information about his Fiscal Code or VAT number.

3.4  The present contract won’t be considered executed thus void if the conditions reported above aren’t respected.

4. Payment methods and Reimbursement

4.1 Every payment for the goods purchased by the Costumer will only be effective through the payment methods shown on Vavins by Valentina Merenda’s website. The use of the shown payment methods doesn’t give additional burden on the Customer.

4.2 Every eventual reimbursement to the Customer will be accredited through one of the methods proposed by Vavins by Valentina Merenda and chosen by the Costumer tempestively and, in case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, as established in clause 12.7 (?) and following of the present contract, in maximum 14 days from the day Vavins by Valentina Merenda has come to know about the withdrawal.

Vavins by Valentina Merenda can withhold the reimbursement until the arrival of the product or until the Customer has given proof of having given it back, depending on which situation presents itself first.

4.3 All communications relative to payments happen on a specific line provided by Vavins by Valentina Merenda, protected by an encryption system. Vavins by Valentina Merenda assures the registration of this information with a further level of encryption and as established by the personal data current protection policy.

5. Terms and modalities of delivery

5.1 Vavins by Valentina Merenda will provide to the delivery of the selected and ordered goods, with no unjustified delay and, at the latest,in 30 days from the expiration of the contract itself, with the modalities chosen by the Costumer or indicated on the website at the moment of the offering of the good.

2 In case Vavins by Valentina Merenda isn’t able to send the package in the terms established in clause 5.1, the Costumer will be given prompt notice with an e-mail.

5.3. Modalities, terms and costs of expedition are punctually indicated on the website of Vavins by Valentina Merenda., to the address www.vavinsbikini.com.

6. Prices

6.1 All selling prices of the exposed products on the website (www.vavinsbikini.com)are in Euro and constitute public offering according to art.1336C.C..

6.2 The selling prices, as previously indicated, include VAT and every eventual tax. The expedition prices and eventual charges (for example, customs clearence), if present, will be charged to the Costumer.

6.3 The prices associated with every single product are valid until the date indicated on the catalogue.

7. Availability of products

7.1 Vavins by Valentina Merenda guarantees, through the used electronic trading system, the elaboration and the evasion of the orders without delay. To this purpose, in real time, it indicates in its electronic catalogue the number of available or unavailable  products and their delivery times.

7.2 In case an order should exceed the existing stock amount , Vavins by Valentina Merenda will inform the Costumer through an e-mail if the good isn’t available and what are the waiting times for it to be purchasable again. The Costumer will also be asked if he intends to confirm the order or not.

7.3 Vavins by Valentina Merenda’s informatics system confirms in the shortest time the successful registration of the order, sending to the user a confirmation mail, according to the clause 3.3. (?)

8. Limitation of Liability

8.1. Vavins by Valentina Merenda doesn’t take responsability for disservices due to events of force majeure, if it isn’t able to execute the order in the times stipulated in the contract.

8.2. Vavins by Valentina Merenda will not hold itself liable towards the Costumer, except in case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, for disservices or malfunctioning connected to the use of the Internet outside its own control or that of its sub-contractors.

8.3. Vavins by Valentina Merenda won’t be liable for damages , losses or extra expenses suffered by the Costumer due to the breach of the contract for reasons beyond him, having the Costumer only right to the full restitution of the payed price and eventual sustained charges.

8.4. Vavins by Valentina Merenda doesn’t take responsibility for the fraudulent and illegal use of credit cards, checks and other means of payment by third parties, upon payment of the purchased goods, in case it shows to have adopted all possible cautions coming from best judgement of the moment and on a basis of ordinary diligence.

8.5. In no case will the Costumer be held liable for delays or glitches in the payment in the moment he shows to have executed the payment itself in the times and methods indicated by Vavins by Valentina Merenda.

9. Warranty and assistance

9.1. Vavins by Valentina Merenda responds to every eventual lack of conformity which presents itself in two years from the delivery of the good.

9.2. The Customer decays from every right in case he doesn’t’ t report the lack of conformity to the seller in a two-months time from the date in which the deficiency is noticed. The report is not necessary if the seller has recognized the existence of the deficiency or has hidden it.

9.3. In caso of lack of conformity, the Costumer will be able to ask, alternatively, according to the following conditions , a reduction of the selling price or the resolution of the present contract, unless the request doesn’t prove objectively impossible to satisfy alias proves itself to be too expensive (according to the clause 130, comma 4, of the Consumer Code).

9.4. The request has to be presented in a written form, through the means of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or throught certified mail to Vavins by Valentina Merenda., which will indicate its availability to accept the request or its reasons to deny it in seven working days from the delivery. In the same communication, in case Vavins by Valentina Merenda has accepted the Costumer’s request, it will have to indicate the modalities of shipment or restitution of the good as well as the expected timing for the restitution or the substitution of the defective good.

9.5. In case the reparation and the substitution are impossible or too expensive, or Vavins by Valentina Merenda hasn’t provided to the reparation or the substitution of the good in the expected timing indicated above or, finally, previously made substitution or reparation have brought several problems to the Customer, the latter will be able to choose between a reduction of price or the termination of the contract. The Costumer will, in this case, make his choice and report it to Vavins by Valentina Merenda, which will indicate its availability in doing so, or the reasons which don’t abilitate it to satisfy the request, in seven working days from the delivery.

10. Customer’s obligations

10.1. The Customer commits himself to pay the price of the purchased good in the times and methods indicated on the contract.

10.2. The Costumer commits himself to , once the online purchasing procedure is concluded, provide to the printing and preservation of the present contract if he finds it necessary.

10.3. The information held in this contract has been, moreover, already viewed and accepted by the Costumer, which acknowledges it as this passage will be made obligatory before the purchase confirmation.

11. Right of withdrawal

11.1. The Customer has, in any case, the right to withdraw from the stipulated contract, stating the reason of the refund, in 14 days from the day of the delivery of the purchased good.

11.2. The return of the good on the Customer’s behalf has to happen without delay and, in any case, within 14 days from the date of the communication of withdrawal to Vavins by Valentina Merenda. If the returned products show signs of damage or wear due to an unnecessary  adulteration (which doesn’t help with the identification of the product’s nature or of its inner characteristics) of the product, Vavins by Valentina Merenda can withhold from the refund an amount of money corresponding to their loss of value.

11.3. The only charge that may be made to the Costumer because of his exercise of his right of withdrawal is the direct cost of returning the good to Vavins by Valentina Merenda.

11.4. Vavins by Valentina Merenda will provide to effectively refund the price of the article for which the withdrawal was made within 14 days from the delivery of the communication of withdrawal from the Costumer. Vavins by Valentina Merenda can hold the refund until the delivery of the good or until the Customer has given proof of having given it back, depending on which situation presents itself first.

11.5. With the receipt of the communication with which the Customer communicates his right of withdrawal, the parts of the present contract are released from mutual obligation, except for what’s established in the previous clause of the present article.

12. Grounds for Cancellation

12.1.Obligations indicated in article 10, taken by the Customer, as well as the warranty of positive ending of the payment that the Customer makes with means mentioned in art.4 and, moreover, the exact fulfillment of the obligations taken by Vavins by Valentina Merenda in article 5 have substantial properties so that, by express agreement, the non-fulfillment of only one of these obligations, where not due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, will bring the cancellation of the contract ex art. 1456c.c., with no need for judicial ruling.

13. Processing of personal data

13.1. Vavins by Valentina Merenda guards the personal data of its clients and guarantees that the treatment of such data is in compliance with what is established by the norms on privacy in D.lgs.  196/2003 and on the European Regulation 2016/679.

14. Filing of the contract

14.1. Vavins by Valentina Merenda informs the Customer that the present contract can be printed or filed on devices beloning to the Customer.

14.2. According to art. 12 of d.lgs. 70/2003, Vavins by Valentina Merenda informs the Customer that every order sent is stored in digital/ paper form on the server/ headquarter of Vavins by Valentina Merenda itself, based on the criteria of privacy and security.

15. Communications and claims

15.1. Direct written communications to Vavins by Valentina Merenda and eventual claims will be considered valid only in case they are sent to the following address:Via F.Caracciolo 30, Milano, 20155, IT; or sent by e-mail to valentina.merenda@pec.it.

The Costumer sends in the registration form his residence or domicile, his phone number or e-mail address to which he wishes his communications by Vavins by Valentina Merenda to be sent.

16. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

16.1. In case the parts intend to appeal to the Ordinary Court, the Competent Court is that of the residence or domicile address of the Costumer .

16.2. These terms of use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Italian law.

17. Available languages

17.1. The languages available on the site www.vavinsbikini.com are Italian and English.


Our store is hosted by WooCommerce. They provide us with the e-commerce online platform which allows us to sell our goods and services for you.

Through the memorization of data of WooCommerce, database and the general application of WooCommerce the data is memorized.

They memorize your data on a safe server protected by a firewall.

Restitution policy

Our policy  lasts 14 days.If 14 days have passed from your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund.

To be able to obtain a refund, the article has to be unused and in the same condition in which it was received. It also has to be inside its original box, with all its tag.


Once your restitution has been received and inspected, we will send an e-mail to inform we have received the returned article. We will inform you also of the approval or the refusal of the restitution.

If it has been approved, the refund will be elaborated and the money will be automatically accredited on the credit card or the original chosen method. Even if the deposit usually happens in seven working days, we beg you not to let more than 15 working days pass before you contact us for the refund.

Late or missing refunds

If you still haven’t received a refund, before you contact us, check again your bank account.

Then, contact the society of your credit card, often some time can pass before the refund is officially registered.

If you have done all this and still haven’t received your refund, we beg you to contact us at hello@vavinsbikini.com, you will receive an answer in 48 working hours.

Only the articles at full price can be refunded, unfortunately, the articles on sale cannot be refunded.

Shipment of the restitution

To give the product back, you have to ask for restitution with an e-mail to hello@vavinsbikini.com, stating the name and number of the order.

Shipping expenses are for free if you use the currier GLS, otherwise they fall upon the Customer.

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